Can't highlight text, copy, or paste in Firefox

Running up-to-date tumbleweed. A strange problem recently cropped up in Firefox: I can no longer highlight text to copy or paste. When I right click and drag over the text (using a touchpad) nothing happens. When I use Web/epiphany I don’ have this problem. Has anyone else experienced this?

Does this happen on all sites you visit?
Web code can deny access to various text functionality (and even deploy a realistic image instead of actual text).
If the issue is on only one or a few sites, then it’s how the page code was written and nothing you can do about it.


Thanks for your reply. It happens on every site I visit,including sites where I would routinely copy and paste links, or quoted a snippet in replies in forums (like this one). As I mentioned, the web/ephiphany gnome browser doesn’t have this problem.

Just ran a test after running a system update.
Was able to copy/paste text from a web page opened in FF.

You may want to run another system update.
If you still see a problem, post a website where you’re having problems.


With Firefox I can’t highlight and copy on any website, this one included. When I use epiphany/web I don’t have that problem.

Try creating a new firefox profile (or test if for a newly created user on your system). That tests whether the problem is in the software or in the user’s settings.

I managed to isolate the problem–it was a mouse gesture extension. Actually, I’ve tried two different mouse-gesture extensions–gesturefly and foxy gestures. Whenever either one of them is enabled I can’t highlight text. When I disable them the problem goes away. I’m not sure why that is happening now–the gestures used to work fine and didn’t interfere with highlighting, copying, or pasting.
So for now I’ll stick with Gnome’s browser, Web (aka Eiphany). It’s quite nice.
Thanks for your suggestions.