Cant hear audio anymore after uninstalling amarok 3

I was using Banshee media player. Unfortunately that program locked up and froze when i opened. So i decided to go back to amarok. I uninstalled the default version of amarok that came with the openSuse, and then i chose to install the latest version of amarok which was 2.0.2. Now i can’t hear any audio files on my PC including avi files. When i go to youtube the sounds work.

Check this
Flash, k3b, Amarok - Install Guide - openSUSE Forums

and make sure you ahve gone thru this
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums

The best backend for amarok is xine
remember always PACKMAN

What engine are you running in Amaro? You might want to check that under settings, which I’m sure you have.