Can't handle files with SMB


Just installed openSUSE 11 and I found when I type the next in Nautilus: smb://servername/dir/dir it gives an Invalid Argument.

I can’t open or copy files from that network dir.

I get the same with Konqueror. I have a disk connectted to my router, when i browse with smb://192.x.x.x i see the two folder on my disk but when accessing them i get the message : The process for the protocol smb: / / 192.x.x.x stopped unexpectedly. I get this in suse 11 in 10.3 no problem.

It works @ home, with the same laptop. The difference is that @ home I have a linux server running samba and the case where it didn’t work was a NetWare 6.5 cluster node running CIFS.


A college of mine first upgraded his suse 10.3 to 11 and it worked for him. But later he decided to reinstall 11 due to some upgrade issues and after the reinstalled it stopped working on his laptop too.