Cant get wirless to work


First install and now first post.Used Linux many years ago with Mandrake but thought i would come back ands give it another go.

Anyway i cant get my wireless card to work - not that i have even tried anyway. I looked on the net and there were no reports with this laptop running Linux.

Here is a screenshot
And the driver in windows

Its a Boardroom driver i use in windows.

|Wireless LAN Driver|


On 12/05/2012 12:46 PM, Snowman0001 wrote:
> First install and now first post.Used Linux many years ago

lots has changed since the old Mandrake days (i have a Mandrake 8.1
boxed set in arms reach)…so, be patient with yourself…you still
have some learning to do…

this learning is easiest to do by moving to the correct forum (Wireless
at and look at the top of the list and you
see three “sticky” threads…one or all of those will most probably get
you going…if not, they will tell you what to next post to the wireless
forum…go ahead and start your new thread if you can’t find the answer
in those three sticky threads …

btw, if you installed while the machine was connected to the net, did it
ask if you wanted to run the updates?


Hi DD,

Thanks for that - i read the forum and used some tips to find and install the correct driver.

Mandrake 8.5 i think was where i started. I think the installer/partition manager is still better than the SuSe one. You could drag and drop the partition sizes. Brilliant!.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Please hold off on any further reply’s until I move this to the wireless forum.

Thank You,