can't get sound on tvcard (Avertv Super 007)

Hi guys

I always had problems with this card; honestly it’s a pain in the neck. Wish I could replace it, but can’t for the time being. Back then I was using 32-bit openSUSE-10.3 and had found a work around for getting sound form this card. Details are on link below

AVerMedia TV card not working under Suse10.3 - Page 4 - Linux Forums

Basically I had to run a script before starting tv program (KDE Tv).

#This script is for automatically loading ‘sox’ with specific parameters.
#modprobe saa7134-alsa index=1,2
sox -q -c 2 -s -r 32000 -t ossdsp /dev/dsp2 -t ossdsp -r 32000 /dev/dsp

Since then a few things have changed…

My current Motherboard is GA-MA785GPM-UD2H from Gigabyte.
My Processor is AMD Athlon II X2 250.
My OS is openSUSE 11.3_x86_64.
I am using the built in sound card as well as the graphics.
The program I use to watch Tv is tvtime.

Both the programs (sox & tvtime) are from packman repositories. In fact I have switched my system packages to packman repository.

After fiddling around for a while I observed the following things

Under Yast->Sound it shows two sound cards

0 - SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA)
1 - ATI Technologies Inc

Why is that ?? I only have one card :question:

But this is the most interesting thing that I observed;

If I login & start Amarok, then if I try to execute the sox script for tv then it shows

emon@magic-box:~> /home/emon/
sox FAIL formats: can’t open output file `/dev/dsp’: Device or resource busy

and fails to produce any sound for tvtime.
So now I close amarok or stop the music & then execute the script, I get sound on tvtime!!

But if I open tvtime first after login and execute the script, I get sound on tvtime; but after that if I try to start amarok, KDE simply notifies that:

The audio playback device HDA ATI SB (alc889a) does not work.

and fails to play any music.

I have to stop the script from executing & restart Amarok.

So with my little knowledge, it seems to me that the applications are not able to share the hardware resource simultaneously!! >:(

Hope I did a fair job of explaining the problem :expressionless:
Any correction , pointers/tips will be highly appreciated