Can't get samba to work

hi everyone

supernew user here and I’m doing an one year online course
in my last assignment I’m putting up a school environment, I’m not allowed to use a GUI and I’ve been trying to get samba to work for hours now, looking up on forums and youtube and I know stuff like this get’s asked so much but I don’t know what to do anymore

I’m supposed to grant users access to windows files, so I installed samba using “zypper install samba”
downloading and installing seems to have gone without a problem but when I use the command “systemctl status smbd” I get “unit smbd.service could not be found”
I tried the multiple commands with smb, nmb and nmbd but it stays the same

now I started a clean disk in the hope I just had made a mistake somewhere but all I’ve done so far is add users, groups, assign privileges and create a hardlink

sorry if it’s much text, I’m just really new and don’t know what’s relevant and spending hours on this really makes you lose hope

right, only when I lost hope and posted on a forum, it somehow works… yay I guess

Good…any remaining issues? For others who come searching, the samba wiki is a good place to start.

For basic use, setting up a standalone server…