Can't get nvidia module to install.

I have an HP Media server with a Geforce 6150 SE nforce 430 graphics card.

I loaded in the nvidia repository, and I have been installing various of their drivers from Software managment.

When I go into sax2 -r, it sees my card, and even gives me the correct 1680x1050 resolution, which it wouldn’t before.

But then when sax2 goes into the test, it comes out with an error message about not being able to load X11. When I check the Xorg.99.log, it says it couldn’t load the nvidia module.

If I try rmmod nvidia, it doesn’t exist.

I’ve read this: Nvidia Installer HOWTO for SUSE LINUX users,

but I really hate to have to do this every time an update is installed.

Check that your kernel and nvidia driver versions match.

rmmod nvidia tells you it doesn’t exist because it didn’t load it, as per the error in Xorg log.

Well, I went ahead and downloaded the nvidia package 2 run install, and ran it. At first I thought I’d hosed the system, because when I rebooted the screen went blank. But after running sax2 -r it seems the nvidia module loaded.

And I have to say it looks very nice.

Is the compiz 3D desktop worth running? I’m using KDE now.

What KDE? If it’s the 4th just enable desktop effects in System Preferences (or whatever it is called) and check yourself :slight_smile:

System Settings>Desktop Effects

Wow. The cube is very cool.

Thanks guys.