Can't get Novell Mono plug in to work with CTV Olympics coverage

Hi. I’m running the 64 bit OpenSuse 11.2 distro with Firefox 3.5.7 and the Novell mono plugin installed but still can’t watch the olympics coverage on CTV.

Is there something else I also need to install?

No luck for me either, I tried both Moonlight 1 and Moonlight 2. With Moonlight 2 I can get video from other silverlight sites to play, it prompts to install the Microsoft Media Pack automatically and after that the video works fine. However the CTV site does not work at all, it just shows a placeholder graphic where the video should appear.

BTW, for anyone more familiar with Moonlight who wants to try it the URL is CTV - Watch Full Episodes Online - Canada’s Home for Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives - and then click on the live coverage link.

Try the 3.0 Prieview

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