Can't Get New KDE Components

openSUSE 12.1, KDE 4.7

If I’m looking at some element of KDE system settings suh as themes, styles, or widgets, and click “Get New <Whatevers>”, it thinks for awhile and then reports an error. So far I have seen Network Error, Unknown Open Collaboration Service API Error, and one more that I can’t reproduce at the moment to get the exact wording, but it referred to a file on my stem. Once, I actually connected and was able to download a color scheme.

Also, I’ve manually downloaded a couple of plasmoids from KDE Look. When I installed them, I got a pop-up saying the installation failed, when in facy each succeeded.

Does anyone know what’s going on? I’ve been very pleased overall with how easily 12.1 works right after a fresh install on my laptop, packages especially download faster, so this is the only hiccup so far.



There are extra themes in the repos

Thanks. Yes I installed all of the kdeartwork packages and many of the plasmoids, but it’d be nice to have “Get New Widgets” work. Is this a problem with my install or 12.1 generally? It worked fine for me on 11.4. -GEF

The whole plasma workspace is a widget really.
I don’t use anything above a basic setup. But 12.1 is solid for me

Maybe you could check/submit bug report for this:

Might also be worth upgrading to KDE 4.8 perhaps. I’m using KDE 4.8.3 (openSUSE 11.4), and can only report similar to Carl (I don’t use any widgets beyond basic set up).

>Might also be worth upgrading to KDE 4.8 perhaps.

I did. Now all the “Get Hot Stuff” links work fine, but I’m experiencing the bug with system time, in my case showing 7hr earlier than actual (west). Looks like a known bug per KDE forum. -GEF

Well, I’m using KDE 4.8.3 (as are may other members of this forum), and I’m not experiencing this issue.