Can't get Fluendo MP3 Decoder to work

I installed the Fluendo decoder following the tutorial linked to from here (but just downloaded the RPM so I wouldn’t have to unpack anything). Now “fluendo-codecs-mp3” is showing up in my software manager as having been installed, but I still can’t play MP3 files in either Amarok or Kaffeine. One thing I’ve noticed is that, in the software manager, under “Installed (Availabled)” it says “11-3” in red.

This was such a simple thing to fix in Ubuntu, I’m baffled by how much trouble I’m having right now. Please help me so that I can justify the eight hours I spent downloading openSUSE. I love the interface and would hate to go back to Ubuntu’s oranges and browns (and Gnome).

You run KDE4, it uses xine as a sound engine. The fluendo packages are for gstreamer (default in Gnome). Install libxine-codecs from the Packman repo, accept the changes it will suggest, and you should be able to play mp3 from Amarok etc.
There’s a guide for Restricted Media, search the forums for it and you will find all you need.

Bah, thank you! Worked perfectly. I’d tried installing LAME from the Packman repo, since I remembered it from trying to get MP3 support for Audacity, but was obviously mistaken.