Can't Get Broadcom Wireless Working on Old Dell Inspiron

Hey guys,

So I have a configuration on an old laptop that might be a little unusual. I’d like to be a System Admin one day, and because I want to get very comfortable solving problems on the command line, I have installed a command-line-only installation of openSUSE Leap 42.2 on an extra laptop, which is a Dell Inspiron with Broadcome wireless. I can’t remember how old it is exactly, but it’s pretty old, probably at least five years or more.

I have been trying for the past hour to get wireless working on this machine with no luck. I followed a hodgepodge approach based on information I could glean here & there from Google.

At first, I set up “wlan0” through YaST using the default bcma driver, & I thought I did everything correctly. DHCP, with the correct ESSID & WPA passphrase. However, I did notice even at this stage that when I tried “scanning” for networks through YaST, there were no results – I had to type in my ESSID manually.

After some Google searches, I installed the broadcom-wl driver from the Packman repository. This caused a “new” network device to be listed with the same long name as the old “wlan0” device but with the device name of “eth0”. After more Google searches, I decided to try blacklisting the bcma driver, and at some point there were no longer any available modules to use with the original “wlan0” connection – I couldn’t select bcma OR wl in YaST. However, “eth0” allowed me to select a module, & I chose wl.

This still didn’t work. I told the wireless device to start up on boot, but after rebooting & checking the configuration & rebooting AGAIN, several times, nothing was happening.

After more Google searches, I heard about a “b43” driver & tried installing it with the instructions from, but I was unsuccessful – YaST wouldn’t let me select it as a module, & entering the name manually didn’t work either.

I’m at my wit’s end. Can anyone help diagnose my problem?

Did you read through the Stickies here…?

I will move this to the Wireless forum, because that is where the Wireless gurus will lurk (and where the sticky threads with information are).

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Still having problems. I tried a clean install of openSUSE, & the situation seems different now, but things still aren’t working.

I read through the sticky about the b43 firmware & followed its instructions. I don’t know if this was a necessary step, but the installation seemed to work this time.

I wasn’t having luck, though, so I tried installing the broadcom-wl package from the Packman repository. Once again, this created a “new” device in the YaST menu. I realized that it seemed to be calling it “eth0” b/c I didn’t specify a name myself.

After some trial & error & a couple reboots, the wl module seems to be loading on boot. When I run the iwconfig command, my device appears & seems to be functioning normally.

I went into YaST & tried “scanning” for networks. However, the following error message pops up, & seems to continue popping up until I power off the system:

ERROR @wl_cfg80211_scan: WLC_SCAN error (-22)

Can anyone help me figure this out?

Solved it! Turns out the biggest obstacle was my own stupidity. I had the switch turned off. After turning it on & doing a bit of trial & error, I got everything to work.