Can't find zenmap and NonFree.repo in general

When I go here and attempt to follow the instructions for adding the NonFree.repo I get “not found on medium”.

The zenmap.ymp addeed a bunch of SLE and other repositories to YaST, with errors in the process. But still no zenmap. What’s up with that?

Which instructions?

This page offers this package from different repositories for different distributions. You did not tell us which one you used so nobody can check this.

Yes, you need to skip them when using 1-click install. Or use “Expert Download” and add repository manually.

These are the instructions that failed.

zypper addrepo
zypper refresh
zypper install zenmap

Why do you want to use SLE (SUSE Linux Enterprise) Repos on your openSUSE system?

Simply chose Leap 15.6 from openSUSE

“Grab Binary Packages Directly” gives a 404:

Look at the link address, not the name. It appears to be for Leap 15.6, but nothing is there.

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No clue what you are doing. But if you go to Software.o.o and search for zenmap → Experimental packages for openSUSE Leap 15.6 → Expert Download → openSUSE → add repository you get a working download from the network:utilities repo

You are trying to install from an incompatible repo:

The right one is:

Is it a typo or you really need this package for ARM?

nmap (and its subpackages) is imported directly from SLE and SLE simply does not have zenmap at all. See SUSE Packages

This is yet another consequence of misusing OBS for assembling Leap. You have already encountered the well known problem (reference to non-accessible SUSE internal repositories). The OBS frontend that generates paths to repositories is simply not aware of these details, and OBS project that represents openSUSE Leap also does not show these details. I am not even sure if OBS is capable of expressing “only some subpackages of this package are published”.

So, yes, you need to get it from some other repository. network:utilities is a reasonable choice, AArch64 package is available there.

At the URL in my original post I found this:


It seemed reasonable to click on “Expert Download” so I did. All of the missing repositories and 404s were the result.

These are the repositories I currently have registered

When I try to install zenmap I now get:

nothing provides 'python-gtk' needed by the to be installed zenmap-7.94-lp156.132.1.x86_64

I’m not sure where to find ‘python-gtk’.

Looks like you are the first to install zenmap since years. The last Leap release with python-gtk was 15.2. This dependency is explicitly listed in package description, not auto generated, so it is possible that zenmap will work without it. Just try.

You may consider contacting package maintainers because this dependency is invalid for the current Leap releases. python-gtk is forced to be removed on upgrade:


Is there something else comparable or better?

And so I did. I get lots of deprecation warnings, but it’s running, and gives me a good picture of my network in a couple minutes.

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