Can't find right kernel headers :(

Hi again. I have a fresh installation of suse 11.2 x86_64 with gnome. I did apply the automatically suggested online updates and one of them was also a newer kernel. Now I have:

uname -a
Linux Kanin #1 SMP PREEMPT 2009-12-15 23:55:40 +0100 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
rpm -qa kernel-source
rpm -qa linux-kernel-headers

Recently I tried to install VMPlayer from VMware Player: Run Windows 7, Chrome OS - Free Download for a Virtual PC, installation went through without problems, but when I try to run it opens a window asking for telling him where do I have kernel headers for my running kernel. I see that probably the headers 2.6.31-3.4 were installed during installation, but during the kernel update they didn’t update. I’ve read somewhere on this forum that kernel headers don’t update so frequently as kernel source, ok but my vmplayer explicitly wants headers and I can’ find them, in yast there is no other version available except from the one which is installed. Now I seem to have a nasty problem :(. However I see two possibilities here:
1)install the right headers somehow
2)force vmpalyer to use existing headers somehow
but none seems easy to accomplish. These are my repos.

zypper repos
# | Alias                               | Name                        | Enabled | Refresh
1 | | Updates for openSUSE 11.2-0 | Yes     | Yes    
2 | nvidia                              | nvidia                      | Yes     | Yes    
3 | openSUSE 11.2-0                     | openSUSE 11.2-0             | Yes     | No     
4 | packman                             | packman                     | Yes     | Yes    
5 | repo-debug                          | openSUSE-11.2-Debug         | No      | Yes    
6 | repo-non-oss                        | openSUSE-11.2-Non-Oss       | Yes     | Yes    
7 | repo-oss                            | openSUSE-11.2-Oss           | Yes     | Yes    
8 | repo-source                         | openSUSE-11.2-Source        | No   

Any help much appreciated, thanks.

Sometimes solutions are pretty easy :). I installed kernel-syms package and Vmplayer is satisfied. Obviously the kernel headers don’t matter so much, but at least the warning I got from Vmplayer could be more precise :wink: Have a nice day.

Generally kernel header files don’t change between minor versions.

I believe that if you install the DEV packages for the kernel; this includes the kernel-syms, it creates links for compiling certain software.