Can't find packages needed for gdb debugging

So, I want to debug with gdb but sometimes I get this error:

Missing separate debuginfos, use: zypper install libgcc_s1-debuginfo-5.3.1+r233831-6.1.x86_64

So I tried to install them:

marton@linux-clwa:~/documents/github/fmi_summer_2017/chisleni_metodi> sudo zypper install lib
gcc_s1-debuginfo-5.3.1+r233831-6.1.x86_64 libstdc++6-debuginfo-5.3.1+r233831-6.1.x86_64      
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...
'libgcc_s1-debuginfo-5.3.1+r233831-6.1.x86_64' not found in package names. Trying capabilitie
No provider of 'libgcc_s1-debuginfo-5.3.1+r233831-6.1.x86_64' found. '--plus-content debug'?
'libstdc++6-debuginfo-5.3.1+r233831-6.1.x86_64' not found in package names. Trying capabiliti
No provider of 'libstdc++6-debuginfo-5.3.1+r233831-6.1.x86_64' found. '--plus-content debug'
Resolving package dependencies...

Nothing to do.


but I can’t find them, from where can find the debugging packages for opensuse gdb?

They appear to be in the 42.1 repo but not the 42.2 repo.

  1. Pls submit a bug report to
  2. You can install from the 42.1 repo with the following commands
zypper in
zypper in