Can't find nm-applet or something similar to use NetworkManger with GUI in IceWm

I decided to try IceWm window manager because KDE is to heavy, but I can not find nm-applet program only console tool are present and KDE plasmoid. I used to see this program in other dstros. This program placing icon to a systray and you can manage/configure network connection using GUI.

nm-applet is contained in the package “Network-Manager-gnome”. But as IceWM (at least the lite version installed by default) doesn’t have a systray AFAIK, you wouldn’t see its icon as well. I don’t know what can be done about this, sorry.

But you can use KDE’s systray even on IceWM:

plasma-windowed systemtray

Oh, thanks. I do not know that plasma widgets can be launched is this way. Curious, can I launch NetworkManager plasmoid itself and not all systray? I must find the name of it.
And I installed icewm-default package.

The default is to install “icewm-lite”. If that is what you have, then go to Yast software management, and install “icewm-default”. That has proper panel support.

While installing, also install “NetworkManager-gnome”, which contains “nm-applet”.

You can have a shell script “$HOME/.icewm/startup” which is run at the start of an icewm session. My script contains:

xterm -title Console -n Console -ls -geom 80x24-0-0 &
sleep 2
/usr/lib/polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1 &
nm-applet &

The “sleep 2” is there because otherwise it sometimes doesn’t start cleanly (last tested in 12.2).

The polkit is there, because nm-applet depends on it. If you install nm-applet, then the polkit applet is probably brought in as a dependency.

I normally use KDE. However, icewm works very well and is adequate for most of what I do.

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