Can't find network hard driver on Network

Hi guys,
i just moved from Linux Mint to OpenSuse, i’m a bit lost. so i need your help.
On Linux Mint (Gnome) i used to go to Network drive. that is on the right hand side of Nautilus there is a short cut for Network. in there i could see my network hard drive and other laptops connected to the network, and i could access my files. but on OpenSuse, when i open the network folder, nothing comes up. may be it needs some sort of configuration…

a little help would be appreciated.


Here is a tutorial on network setup in openSUSE:

Configure a network card in Suse/openSUSE 11.x for Internet Access & wifi.

You basically open YaST / Network Devices / Network Settings, but there is a little more to it. Did you decide to use Gnome or KDE in openSUSE this time around?

Thank You,

I’m using Gnome in openSUSE…
thanks for the tutorial, i’ll go through it and post the results…