Can't find my wireless network

I find any wireless networks, except mine. Moreover, my wifi works, because I can surf with the university connection.
But the network works, because I can connect to it both with Windows and with Ubuntu.
I have a Broadcom 4321 like wireless network card, opensuse 11.4 and the default network manager.

Did you try
Install Broadcom Drivers from Packman

Yes, I’ve already installed Broadcom driver successfully, infact the wireless connection works fine at the university.
My router is DLINK DI-524.

So are you using this same machine with windows or ubuntu to connect to this same DLINK DI-524

I solved the problem connection switching the channel 13 to a smaller channel (e.g. 4), on my router.

Well done



On 03/24/2011 04:36 AM, caf4926 wrote:
> MaxiPigna;2311087 Wrote:
>> Fantastic!!!
>> I solved the problem connection switching the channel 13 to a smaller
>> channel (e.g. 4), on my router.
> Well done

I guess it is time for the regular “channel selection lecture”.

Wireless-network channels are not like TV. The channels are 5 GHz apart, but the
signal is 20 GHz wide for 802.11b/g and 40 GHz wide for HT (802.11n). Thus, the
clear channels for B/G are 1, 6, and 11. Signals on one of them will not
interfere with any of the others. When channel 4 is selected, it interferes with
BOTH 1 and 6, thereby messing up the spectrum for the APs that are set up correctly.

The proper way to set the channel is to scan your neighborhood and note which of
the clear channels has the least interference. With the proliferation of wifi
devices, it is unlikely that you will find one without any interference;
however, avoid any with strong signals. For the sake of your neighbors, please
do not use 4.

You are right, I studied several years ago this problematic at the university.
I will change the channel as soon as possible.

I think the channels above channel 11 = 2462 MHz are not allowed to use in the USA. I guess switching your locale settings for wireless LAN may help (if the hardware had found the channel 13 before)? I do not recall where I have read how to change your settings in openSUSE but there was a mention/an article on that somehow in the manuals or one of the openSUSE wikis…

And to the interference problem:
And I am no engineer like lwfinger but a mere lawyer but maybe in Europe and with the g-Standard it it slide different.

Alike to lwfinger’s proposal:
it: IEEE 802.11 | it.Wikipedia
2.4_GHz_Wi-Fi_channels_(802.11b,g WLAN).svg (CC BY-SA 3.0 unported)
de: IEEE 802.11 | de.Wikipedia

But with 4 possible channels (because only 16,25MHz would be really used for the signal):
de: Wireless Local Area Network | de.Wikipedia with :
NonOverlappingChannels2.4GHzWLAN-de.svg (CC BY-SA 3.0 unported)

And I think I shall also talk to my neighbors…

Have a lot of fun