can't find my other hard drives

hi, i am pretty new to open suse and its the only operating system that supports all my hardware effectly (not even windows can use all the parts i have in this machine, anyway). However when i go to look for my other internal hard drives i can only see the one i installed opensuse on. i would like to be able to use all of my hard drives. can anyone help me mount or maybe get them to show up in “places” or “computer”.

any help is greatly appreciated


Drives (or partitions of them) can only be ‘seen’ by the system when they are mounted. Apparently those others disks are not mounted at the moment. Now it depends if there is already something on them or are they ‘empty’?

In both cases you could go to YaST > System > Partitioning. Say yes to being an expert, looking only is not dangerous. And look if you see them there.

When you want more help from here discussing the disks, post the output of

sudo fdisk -l

here, it contains about the same as YaST shows you.

Also post the output of

sudo mount

And look in the /windows folder whether the drives are mounted (OpenSuse by default mounts drives here). Also post the output of

sudo cat /etc/fstab

It’ll be required later to help you if the drives are not automounted. :slight_smile:

thanks i did manage to find my hard drives!
thanks a bunch