Can't find installed program.

Hello everyone,

I’m having a newb’s problem here.
I installed visualboy via openSUSE’s software website.
I can’t seem to find it anywhere on my computer. ._.

I think it run in a terminal

try typing: visualboy

you may find a manual with: man visualboy

i tried that and it didnt work.

i found the file, though.

It wont open even if i double click it.
I’m confused.

whenever i type the “VIsualBoyAdvance” in “run application” the window disappears without an error message.

Please try it in a terminal

That is: VisualBoyAdvance

On 08/06/2011 10:16 AM, caf4926 wrote:
> Please try it in a terminal

you really should open Konsole or your favorite terminal program as Carl
suggests…but, if you must use “run application” type

xterm -e VisualBoyAdvance

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Okay, thanks for the help guys,

I got it to play the game files i wanted it to play. (Just had to make the game files open with visualboy)

but i have another issue, on ubuntu, double clicking the visualboyadvance file would open up a graphical display to change settings on it,
here it won’t do that.
I opened it up in terminal, and got the settings, but in text form.

this is what i get

'"VisualBoyAdvance version 1.7.2 [SDL]
Searching for file VisualBoyAdvance.cfg
Searching current directory: /home/MetalHeart
Searching home directory: /home/MetalHeart
Searching system config directory: /etc
Reading configuration file.
Missing image name
/usr/bin/VisualBoyAdvance [option …] file

-1, --video-1x 1x
-2, --video-2x 2x
-3, --video-3x 3x
-4, --video-4x 4x
-F, --fullscreen Full screen
-G, --gdb=PROTOCOL GNU Remote Stub mode:
tcp - use TCP at port 55555
tcp:PORT - use TCP at port PORT
pipe - use pipe transport
-N, --no-debug Don’t parse debug information
-S, --flash-size=SIZE Set the Flash size
–flash-64k 0 - 64K Flash
–flash-128k 1 - 128K Flash
-T, --throttle=THROTTLE Set the desired throttle (5…1000)
-Y, --yuv=TYPE Use YUV overlay for drawing:
0 - YV12
1 - UYVY
2 - YVYU
3 - YUY2
4 - IYUV
-b, --bios=BIOS Use given bios file
-c, --config=FILE Read the given configuration file
-d, --debug Enter debugger
-f, --filter=FILTER Select filter:
–filter-normal 0 - normal mode
–filter-tv-mode 1 - TV Mode
–filter-2xsai 2 - 2xSaI
–filter-super-2xsai 3 - Super 2xSaI
–filter-super-eagle 4 - Super Eagle
–filter-pixelate 5 - Pixelate
–filter-motion-blur 6 - Motion Blur
–filter-advmame 7 - AdvanceMAME Scale2x
–filter-simple2x 8 - Simple2x
–filter-bilinear 9 - Bilinear
–filter-bilinear+ 10 - Bilinear Plus
–filter-scanlines 11 - Scanlines
–filter-hq2x 12 - hq2x
–filter-lq2x 13 - lq2x
-h, --help Print this help
-i, --ips=PATCH Apply given IPS patch
-p, --profile=[HERTZ] Enable profiling
-s, --frameskip=FRAMESKIP Set frame skip (0…9)
-t, --save-type=TYPE Set the available save type
–save-auto 0 - Automatic (EEPROM, SRAM, FLASH)
–save-eeprom 1 - EEPROM
–save-sram 2 - SRAM
–save-flash 3 - FLASH
–save-sensor 4 - EEPROM+Sensor
–save-none 5 - NONE
-v, --verbose=VERBOSE Set verbose logging (trace.log)
1 - SWI
2 - Unaligned memory access
4 - Illegal memory write
8 - Illegal memory read
16 - DMA 0
32 - DMA 1
64 - DMA 2
128 - DMA 3
256 - Undefined instruction
512 - AGBPrint messages

Long options only:
–agb-print Enable AGBPrint support
–auto-frameskip Enable auto frameskipping
–ifb-none No interframe blending
–ifb-motion-blur Interframe motion blur
–ifb-smart Smart interframe blending
–no-agb-print Disable AGBPrint support
–no-auto-frameskip Disable auto frameskipping
–no-ips Do not apply IPS patch
–no-mmx Disable MMX support
–no-pause-when-inactive Don’t pause when inactive
–no-rtc Disable RTC support
–no-show-speed Don’t show emulation speed
–no-throttle Disable thrrotle
–pause-when-inactive Pause when inactive
–rtc Enable RTC support
–show-speed-normal Show emulation speed
–show-speed-detailed Show detailed speed data"

It says im missing a configuration file?
But I’ve found that file somewhere else in my computer.

It sounds like you’ll have to point VisualBoy to the config file. In the options, you’ll see a ‘-c, --config=FILE.’ Use this to enter the path to the file.

VisualBoyAdvance -c /path/to/file

It’s working now. thanks for all the help guys!