cant find dvd in console

Hello all,

There is something I dont understand, When I put a DVD in de the DVD drive it says its connected and it appears in sysinfo:

but when I try to reach the DVD thru the console I cant find it
normally I can acces cd’s with cd ///media
and then ls command

What could be the reason I cant find the DVD in console? And how can I fix the problem?

Thanks in advance

I think you have to mount the disk first. This is usually done for you by the DE, which you don’t have at a pure console.

One option (not sure it’s the best) would be to create a permanent entry in /etc/fstab. Currently removable device are mounted dynamically and shown in /etc/mtab only, so they can be mounted on directories under /media named after the disk label.

However if you’re working from a DE console, like konsole in KDE, check the disk directory name under /media and cd to it.

Also note that CD’s will appear in /media if they’re data CDs, but not audio or video (VCDs/SVCDs). Those are handled differently, not sure how, as I always access then through the DE.

cd ///media

is nonsense. When you want to make /media your working directory

cd /media

is enough.

When you want to know what is mounted and where use


You will most probably recocnise where your DVD is mounted (often somewhere within */media *like /media/disk, or /media/<label-of-the-DVD>)

You can then make that you working directory with cd indeed, but there is no need to add in extra / characters at any point.

And brunomcl is correct, musical CDs e.g. contain no filesystem and can not be mounted. Sometimes programs working on musical CDs present the tracks on it as files in a directory, but this is fake, just to make it convenient to work with them.

Now, assuming you have a valid data cd that is not mounted, you could make a directory then mount (as root) like this

mkdir /media/cd
mount /dev/sr0 /media/cd

Browse with

dir /media/cd

This reminds me of MS-DOS lol!

This reminds me of MS-DOS

Please, no bad language! (I thought that the filters would have stopped that). lol!