Can't find blacklist any more

In 11.1, it was possible to add applications to a blacklist in kpowersave so that a “suspend to disk” didn’t happen when they were running. In 11.2, kpowersave is no longer available and I can’t find any way of adding apps to a blacklist. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Power Management is in System Settings - Advanced - System Power Management. (PowerDevil)

Thanks for your reply, but as far as I can see, selecting Power Devil does not prevent autosuspend with some apps on my PC (not laptop) eg. Amarok, Gwenview. Kaffeine keeps going whether Power Devil is selected or not, so what’s the difference I wonder?

I need to mend that slightly. Kaffeine only keeps going if I have selected a function - eg. running the TV card, otherwise it doesn’t stop autosuspend either. Amarok is different in that autosuspend happens even if it is playing music.

None of my business, but I’m nosey. Why do you want auto suspend enabled anyway?

Well it’s nice to know that if I go off shopping and forget to turn the PC off, it won’t be pushing my electricity bill up. As my wife also has a PC running 11.2 (and tends to be a bit forgetful) I set hers to suspend after 5 mins. When you’re on a pension, it all helps!

I don’t see it either. Sorry I have no idea.

It is actually possible to use kpowersave in kde4 but it’s not recommended. In the early days of 11.1 folks were getting in a fuddle with it because they also used kde3 and kpowersave is installed for that. I guess that’s an option, to use kde3?

Well I don’t think I’d go to that extent (using KDE3). I guess If I want to listen to music, I’ll just have to suspend autosuspend (or go back to playing my old vinyls.