Can't enable desktop effect.(SUSE 11.0)

I installed SUSE 11.0 on laptop, with GNOME.

I enabled desktop effect, but it change to disable when close desktop effect window. How to fix it? I can’t use 3d cube because of it.

-graphic set : ATI X1250

for me ati drivers could not work good… i have not really many experience with it… but in most cases i try it not work…
did you use proprietary drivers? did they properly work?

Hi & welcome,

As didencool already states, you will need to install the proprietary ATI drivers to get 3D acceleration. Without 3D support Desktop effects won’t work.

Have a look here on how to do so: ATI - openSUSE

Good luck!


That manual is a bit confusing, maybe for a 1st timer as I was long before.
I find this steps maybe easier.

  1. download driver from ati site

  2. open terminal, type “su” and your administrator password. It is easier this way and all steps below will be done in terminal

  3. go where you downloaded the driver. if it is packed with .gz or .bz2 then unpack it. If it is just with .run extension do:
    chmod a+x ati…

  4. go to directory where you downloaded/unpacked driver and type ./ati-…
    this will install driver


  1. as root type: sax2 -r -m 0=fglrx

kill your X server (with ctrl+alt+ 2 times backspace)

that is it…