can't dual boot Vista and OpenSuse

I’m not sure where we are here.

are you saying this happens when booting suse, because you mention ‘clicking suse’

AND: Are you implying from all your comments that you can only boot with either one of the HD’s at a time and NOT both together?

Thanks for answering.
I solved the black screen problem from one of the other posts where you stated
how to get to the desktop from the black screen.

Previous to this when I would start up from Windows it would give a screen
allowing me to go to whatever OS I wanted to go. This no longer works for Vista
and OpenSuse. It works for Vista but not OpenSuse. OpenSusue takes me to a black screen
with Grub on it. Now when I boot up, I get the OpenSuse screen with OpenSuse and
Windows and Failsafe. From there I can go to OpenSuse or Windows.

Going to crash now before I pass out. Been a trying day.

Hi, if you are still having these grub problem, I would say to download “resque grub” burn it to CD and it will fix grub with no problem…