Cant downgrade bad gstreamer and vlc

Can someone tell me how to remove defective gstreamer and vlc phonon stuff out of my 64bit distro without it downgrading 1500+ files to 32bit

seems my problem is that trying to enable audio resulted in conflicts that no distro should allow. gstreamer version 1.x for phonon backend and vlc version 1.x for phonon backend do NOT work with amarok, kwave, recordmydesktop, audio-recorder and about 60 other apps on an Acer Aspire Laptop using snd-intel-xxx sound card.

As far as I can tell the original install of 13.2 put in the correct versions 0.10 but lacked the codecs I needed to do video and audio editing. Installing the codecs and trying out various video and sound programs modified / upgraded the phonon backends to version as well as other changes throughout the system resulting in both versions being on the system and conflicting with each other. Now I cant return to the original versions as it wants to remove or downgrade everything from 64bit or 32bit.

I don’t really want to wipe out my whole system for the third time just to restore things to the original install and then re-install all the apps and codecs and support files.

Right now I have no sound, all but the dummy-device enabled and can’t enable the sound devices which are showing but greyed out.
kmix, k3b, kwave, cinerella, recorditnow, recordmydesktop, amorok, audio-recorder, pulsaudio, vlc, phonon and many more all are not working

Can someone point me in the right direction here. 5 months to get 13.2 to work is getting annoying. In this same time I have an old toshiba running 11.2 done in less than 2 hours but it can’t do what this fancy quad core should be able to do.

Did you do a vendor change to packman??

BTW changing to 32 bit is not a version down grade but a architecture change.

Do you get sound in yast-sound??

before doing anything to the fresh install Yast-sound worked on the second snd-hdmi-intel module but not the first one. only system bell worked and amorok. System was using pulseaudio. Then tried to installl audiocity which complained about phonon backend error. Installed phonon and amorok failed, audiocity failed. Removed audiocity and installed audio-record which worked with pulse audio enabled and complained about phonon with pulse audio disabled…

I need all to be 64bit archecture except for when I try to use xbasic-forms editor and visual-assembler … these two programs need 32bit libraries for the visual editor functions to work.

sound device 0 is snd-hdmi-intel –> Hda 8 chanel digital with devices 0, 1 and 2 vender id 8086:0101 8 output channels
sound device 1 is snd-hdmi-intel –> PCH 1 channel analog audio devices 0 and 1 vender id 1025:0775 1 input channel and 1 output channel

As for vender change I installed only the apps from third party (packman) and left key support on distro since packman would be disabled upon getting things to work.

No do not disable packman all multi media must come from there,

But your problem is not having sound since you appear to have two sound devices. Try changing the order in Yast -sound. default is to use sound 0 device

Also install pavucontrol program it allows you to control from where sound comes from and where it goes

Don’t thrash around these things are well known problems with well known solutions making random change will just break things.

You did not say your desktop but in KDE there may also be sound settings

OK will leave packman for media … Thankyou
Had pavcontrol but it got removed somewhere along the way
Yes desktop is KDE 4.14.9
Yast sound does not show 2 sound cards only the hda-hdmi-intel as card 0 single device output digital option=pulseaudio on
etc/sound conf says
device 0 = snd-hdmi-intel ->digital output Intel
device 1 = snd-hdmi-intel ->lynx digital output
etc/sound conf.bak says
device 0 = snd-hdmi-intel ->lynx digital output
device 1 = snd-hdmi-intel ->digital output Intel

Alsa says
device 0 snd-hdmi-intel digital 8 channel output
sun devices 0 through 7
device 1 snd-hdmi-intel PCH analog 1 channel output , 1 channel input

You probably want lynx first in /etc/sound.conf. But if you modify that file do not use Yast-sound any more. Yast can get confused if two devices use the same driver.

Alternately you should be able to direct the sound from dev 0 to dev 1 in pavucontrol but you may need to do that for each program that produces sound. better to get the live hardware in 0 position

just checked my system and Yast says pavucontrol is installed but can’t find it anywhere not in launch-menu nor in bin user.bin or sbin will keep looking

Should be in Multi-media volume control menu

found it where you said. They called it pulse ctrl and it was looking for pavucontrol