Can't disable laptop trackpad

Howdy folks:
About four days ago I installed a freshly downloaded iso of Suse Tumbleweed on my HP Envy laptop and everything worked just fine. Since I prefer a regular wireless mouse, I disabled the track
pad through the settings application. Now, as of today’s update, the track pad no longer disables when a mouse is detected and the panel for changing the track pad settings is greyed out - as if
I don’t have a track pad. Well, I do have a track pad and it’s working just fine, unfortunately.
Should I just hope the next update ( which seems to occur daily ) fixes the problem, or is this something I should report? And if so, how would I go about reporting it?

Thanks for your help.

Just adding some dates for clarity.

Original install date: **May 18 or 19, 2019

**Date of Update: May 22, 2019


Problem Solved… I installed Suse Leap 15.1 and no more track pad driving me crazy.