Can't delete Snapper snapshots

I understand you did this with the best intentions, but my experience is that hanging a new, or repeating question at the end of an old thread is seen by less people then a new thread. And the older the thread, the more of the original contributers will have stopped their supscription to the thread

It depends of course much on the way the potential helpers use the forums. And they use different methods.

When they do look at every new post (there is such an option in the forums) they will see it. But many don’t do that because that list also has the non-English posts.

You can use RSS feeds on the forum sections you like, but those will only offer the new threads.

Regularly clicking on the sub-forums you like to see what is new at the top also only delivers new threads.

Other may use other methods I even do not know.

I hope you understand that the best way to advertise the most important questions, your questions, is by having a new thread in the best fitting sub-forum with a good title that invites the best gurus to see and open it. lol!

Yes I did see the complaint about posting to an old thread. I just wanted to add to this that thread that it did indeed help me with a longstanding problem.

Using the subvolume handling function from the Partitioner task in Yast identified subvolumes that were not visible when issuing

btrfs subvolume list -s /

and which made it impossible to delete certain subvolumes. By first deleting those

btrfs subvolume delete --commit-each /.snapshots/<number>/snapshot/...

I could finally get rid of several subvolumes that have been hogging up space for a long time and had forced me to instead increase the size of then partition several times.

So thank you for this information!