Can't delete iSCSI "connected targets"

So I was doing some testing of iSCSI today in prep for a new storage setup, but when I was done and went to cleanup… I can’t delete the connection from “Connected Targets” in YaST. If I try to logout the initiator connection, it takes several minutes and then eventually responds that “Error occurred while logging out from the selected target.”

It doesn’t matter if I leave the istgt target running or not, the result is the same.

There is nothing at all listed on the “Discovered Targets” YaST tab.

Basically, I’m just trying to clean up the initiator configuration and to remove the connection, but YaST doesn’t seem to want to help me and I haven’t been able to find the underlying configuration file/s where this is defined.

Any guidance appreciated. Thank you.

Maybe an app is actively still accessing the iSCSI connection?

Oftentimes in computing, you have to close and <verify> the app using the connection has terminated completely and not just sleeping.
Examples might be Dolphin (or other Desktop File Manager), a LibreOffice app, etc.

Backtrack every app you used to access and test/use the connection.


Thanks for the thoughts. I did notice that both iscsiadm and iscsid were still running, even across reboots and even though I could see no iscsi services enabled or targets mounted, and nothing showed bound to tcp/3260. If i killed the processes they would automatically restart seconds later with a new PID so I ended up renaming both binaries, killing the existing processes, then renamed the binaries back to their original name. I rebooted and verified that neither iscsiadm nor iscsid started this time, and now the connected targets tab is clear like it should be, so something apparently did just get hung up and needed to be unclogged.

So, fingers crossed, but I think it’s finally cleared up.

Glad to hear.
If you think that the problem is with these iscsi services and you see the problem again, file a bug report at with any screenshots and logs you can provide.