can't create tun device openSuSE 11.3


I cannot seem to create a tun device using ifconfig, even though the module is loaded, and the node tun is present in /dev/net and appears to have correct access permissions, trying to use nstx which requires the tun device. Only thing I can think of is adding an alias, but not sure where, since there is no /etc/modprobe.conf or /etc/modules.conf in SUSE 11.3. Under a time limit so any ideas would be VERY helpful and appreciated. Thank You.

This is normal. Only root can create tun devices. You should do it as root or sudo.

Thank you for the prompt reply, but I can’t even run ifconfig without sudo, ie, “sudo /sbin/ifconfig tun0” results in “no such device” or “device not found” errors…like I said, the module is loaded and /dev/net/tun exists, tun is loaded as a startup module via /etc/sysconfig “modules loaded on boot” I’ve tried all kinds of variations of the above command, such as “sudo /sbin/ifconfig tun0 netmask point-to-point mtu 512” no change, what else could it be?!