Cant create folder & files on ntfs external drive

I have an external hard drive in office,where i copy backup twice a month. it is ntfs formated. One time before i copy file to it,was ok.Just i mount it from partition editor that time.
but now it is mounted but when i try to create folder on it,file Or copy paste files or folder to it,it cant let me do that. i tried to change permissions and then also try to login as root to do so.
But no luck, always giving error:
“Operation not permitted”.

Any one have idea.

have read here
File System - openSUSE

Hmm… Take a look into YaST partitioner.
Open YaST → System → Partitioner →
Here select your NTFS partition → Edit → Fstab Options → Arbitrary Option Value → what you have here?
I think with parameters like that, it works:


^^ I’m not a partition master, but the most important things here I think the: users and the gid=users.

I have this there:


Thanks Ram88, its works with your input.

Many thanks again.

It was more important the umask=0002 :slight_smile:

Yeah :D. As I said: I’m not a partition master. :smiley: