Can't copy files to first level samba share with Dolphin


I have a RaspberryPi using Openelec which has samba shares active. I access those samba shares on my openSUSE LEAP 42.2 main Desktop through dolphin using the address bar smb protocol for example:
But the problem is that I cannot copy files to that folder with Dolphin on openSUSE 42.2. Before I had openSUSE 13.1 installed on my Desktop and I could copy files to that same folder without problems. My system is a clean install after Leap 42.2 came out. The funny thing is that I can copy files to any subfolder for example

if I try to copy files to smb:// either with ubuntu 16.10 or with W10 the copy works just fine but, whenever I try to copy files using dolphin it just doesn’t work, it’s like the folder was read-only.

I hope you can guide me to better understand what’s happening.

RaspberryPi’s samba shares are not protected by password or anything, which means any computer connecting to those folder has full permissions to read/write

Thanks in advance

It’s a bug:

Oh, thank you. I’ll follow this up in the bug tracker.