Cant control Laptop ( DELL n-SERIES 14R) screan brightness.

i have a DEL 14R and now i am using openSUSE 11.4, i cant control the brightness, not form the hardware key or from the power management option, if i want to control the brightness i have to fix the brightness and then after restart it will take effect., i have windows 7 installed, if i am minimize the brightness from windows 7 and after restart i open openSUSE, its brightness will be the same as the i set to the windows 7…
what should i do now.?
guys please help if any one know the solution…

On 06/23/2011 09:06 PM, radexxx wrote:
> what should i do now.?

use the Dell supplied Linux graphics driver for your machine?

i’m pretty sure they provide a graphics driver for Win7, right?

so, they must also provide one for Linux…oh wait! i just did this
google: and find where i read:

As with other n-Series products, Dell hasn’t tested any particular Linux
distribution and doesn’t offer software support for running Linux on
these, so we encourage you to join our Linux mailing lists and to use
the one of your chosen distribution for community-based support.

so, no driver from Dell and i guess you won’t find every single feature
of the graphics driver replicated in the open source driver…BUT, i
urge you to join the appropriate Dell group here
where you might find a good answer…

not to mean that you are not VERY welcome to hang out here and see if a
Dell n-Series owner running openSUSE has independently discovered how to
do what you want to do

for next time: if you want a laptop known to work with Linux, buy one
with Linux installed by the factory–Dell sells those also (but, they it
might not run Windows)

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Please give us the output from

/sbin/lspci | grep VGA
hwinfo --gfxcard

to see your graphics card model, maybe you need a better driver than what
you have now.

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