Cant contact LDAP-Server


i want to connect to my LDAP-Server with LDAP-Browser. The server runs on the same machine, sp i want to config for the first time. My linux distribution: OpenSuSe 11.1. OpenLDAP was installed with YaST. my domain is project.local. If i open the Browser and type in the ldap-server and the administrator-DN, the password and click “connect”, i receive message “Cant connect to LDAP server”
i tried ldap.project.local,,, ldap://1270.0.0.1, project.local but either i get “Invaild Server, Invalid DN” or “Cant connect LDAP server”

Does anybody know, whats wrong? I dont know, what to do.
Where can i find help for configuration LDAP with YaST? openSuSe documentation or OpenLDAP documentation?

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The openldap documentation is probably your best bet, as far as making sure slapd is configured correctly. I’ve found this guide the be pretty good for getting a handle on ldap.

sure, i searched the openldap doc, but without result. of course i found a description of common errors, but i dont know, what YaST requires at LDAP-Browser “LDAP-Server”

… my ldap-server is ldap.project.local. but if it type this in, i get

Invalid DN Syntax
Invalid DN

BUT: i typed in “” and it will accept, but i also get

Can’t connect LDAP-Server

What does YaST understand under a “correct Syntax”?
I found nothing. And the common errors-doc doesnt help :((((

For the LDAP server field yast expects the hostname/ip address of the ldap server.

If you’ve configured LDAP to listen on a different port:<port>

It expects the manager dn & password as defined in /etc/openldap/slapd.conf. If you’re allowing anonymous access, you don’t need to put anything there.

Generally, that error means that either slapd isn’t running, or you haven’t opened up a port in the firewall for LDAP (389 for simple, 636 for ssl).

If you’re able to post specifics of how your directory is structured, it would help troubleshooting greatly.

my-linux # nmap localhost

389/tcp open ldap

my-linux # /etc/init.d/ldap status

Checking for service ldap: running

the ip-address of my ldap-server is . many services run on this machine, e.g. dhcp, dns, samba…
i find out following:
if i open my browser and type in the ldap-server “ldap.project.local” and for "Administrator-DN “manager.project.local”, i get “Invalid DN syntax / Invalid DN”
Also with “”, “”, “” for server.
for “” i get “Cant connect LDAP-Server”. consequentially , it doesnt find it in my network!
If i now type in my (hypothetical) correct data and want to connect as root, it doesnt function (invaild DN…)
BUT: if i try “anonymous connection” i can connect to my server, see my DIT. on the other site i cant change anything, because it cant save. Then the browser ask me for root-password and server and i get “invalid DN…” again.
Maybe false config? i dont know. need my server ssl/tls? i deactivated ssl/tls.

what do you mean with slapd.conf? yast doesnt use slapd.conf for server-config. the file is empty :frowning:

which specifics do you want to see?


are you sure that the login is not expecting the fqdn ?

i.e. cn=joebloggs,ou=myhouse,dc=project,dc=local


what do you mean with “fqdn”?
screenshot from my ldap-browser:](

It does need the dn of the manager. Chapter 2 of the link in my first post explains how to navigate the directory.

Slaps.conf is the old way to configure ldap, you’re probably using the cn=config method.

even if i enter the manager-DN “manager.project.local” at “LDAP-Server” i get the error.
yast uses the dynamic configuration of ldap, therefor slap.conf is empty :question::question:

even if i enter the manager-DN “manager.project.local” at “LDAP-Server” i get the error.
yast uses the dynamic configuration of ldap, therefor slap.conf is empty :question::question:

EDIT if i enter a new file:

my-linux # cat >Test<<EOF
>dn: ou=Test,dc=project,dc=local
>objectClass: top
>objectClass: organizationalUnit
>ou: Test
>description: Test orgUnit
my linux # slapadd -v -l Test

i can see it in the ldap-browser under anonymous account :open_mouth:

As stated by tuxituk, you need to specify the DN using the LDAP syntax. I’m going to guess yours is:


You need the cn= part, and the dc= parts.

alright! i can connect to my ldap-server :slight_smile:
im so happy, thank you at everyone for help lol! :smiley:
but one thing at last: i thought in ldap-browser i can create users and OrgUnits, but there is no chance. I have to do in commandline like

my-linux # cat >OrgUnit<<EOF
>dn …