Can't connect with VPN via pptp


I use Network Manager. With VPN via pptp I connect using plug VPN: pptp. After upgrading system 05.12.2014 i can’t connet with VPN via pptp. I click connect and one second after i again can click connet and still the same. On the server do not see the login attemps.
With cisco VPN I connect without a problem.
I don’t know how run it in terminal and have logs.

Wow, now it work.
Strange, I didn’t update the system today.

Hm… after yesterday’s big upgrade system (new kernel 3.18.1-1) problem back.
I use KDE and Netwrok Manager.
Now, when I click connect xxx (VPN with pptp plugin) i see “connection” for a few minutes, and finally not connected.
I thought that it is problem with KWallet, but not.
I still can’t connect with VPN using pptp plugin.

Any suggestions?