Can't connect via novacom to device only in openSUSE!

I get a weird error when using novacomd to connect to a device hooked up via usb in openSUSE 11.2. In Fedora 11, however, I don’t get this error. Any ideas how I can diagnose this?

[2010/1/5 20:42:27] novacom_usb_findandattach_thread:424: usb_handle 0x08061e70, bus 001 dev 005
[2010/1/5 20:42:27] novacom_usb_rx_thread:354: error reading packet, retry, rc: -1, errno 9
[2010/1/5 20:42:27] novacom_usb_rx_thread:358: error reading packet, shutting down, rc: -1, errno 9

Any ideas? Where to start?