Can't connect to WPA2 Enterprise with PEAP

I originally posted this to someone with an older problem.
It was suggested that if I wanted someone to look at it, I should start a new thread: ok, i can do that.

I am using nm-connections-editor [gui interface for connections]
I also have nmtui [network text user interface]
the wireless “connections” are in /etc/NetworkManager/systems-connections.
and yes, you can creat some and edit them with the tools mentioned above.
you can find that stuff on :…nection-editor

that’s the good news [if there is some…]

The connections are files, so you can vim and vi them and you can use the nmcli to start them.
Also the nm-conections-editor above is kind of a “macro editor” and creates the required syntax in detailed instructions in the connection files [if you will].

The problem that I have is that, though I have better access to viewing and changing these files via the commands above, I still cannot get a WPA or WPA2 leap [MSchapv2] session working with the free radius setup I have.

I am running the Network Manager on tumbleweed [Suse]. I can see all of the networks in the East Stroudsburg University environment.
I built one for the Computer Science department off of a cisco 1282 Access point supported by free radiusd.
I can confirm that the access point works, my macbook has access via a profile I setup on it.

The access point is setup with WPA, and 802.1x peap / MSchapv2.

“Dark-net1” which is basically a network profile, and listed below.

I will admit to a vim on this file, this was originally created by the nm-connections-editor. That editor[nm-conncetion-edittor] only allows 802.1x to have wep, so I inserted what i found on a configuration of wpa for security, and there is probably some syntax error. Be that as it may, I have played with this for more than a week. If someone can give me an idea of what should work, I would appreciate it.
[help here Suse guys, I need it…]

all that said… I can cat the file :

nightstorm:/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections # cat dark-net2  



identity=[my name]
password=[my password]


nightstorm:/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections # 

I should mention I am tumbleweed os-release: version= 20170406
and I have 3 other ESU lans working on this machine, so I can say the Network Manager appears to work, we just have to straighten out some details with peap and mschapv2… any suggestions? I have a few more things I am trying, but nothing has worked so far.

the mac os x profile is below if that helps. [sierra os x]

moonshadow:~ [id]$ cat dark5.mobileconfig 
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">
moonshadow:~ [id]$ 

Thanks to [FONT=Verdana]Henk van Velden


this seems so simple, why is it so hard?

I need to declare that I am making a 802.1x connection.
I need to send the wpa encryption key.
then I should be prompted for the user id and password.
I sent that, it gets to the radiusd server, and I get a dhcp address.

do I have to tell it I have a fake wep key instead of a wpa key?

this boarders on stupid [probably me].

for the windows machines I have to force a router and dns, since windows 10 doesn’t work real well either, then I can get them to work… or should I be using the WPA2 enterprise option…
this is so confusing …