can't connect to microsoft network services

Hi all,

I have a problem and hope some of you can help me, I recently installed opensuse 11.3 on my PC, immediately after I tried to connect to MSN network (to review my hotmail address) and it was successful, I tried to connect using Kopente and also it was successful, I wanted to use ndiswrapper because and wanted to use a WIFI card, so I installed it and used the repository driver:wireless/11.3-update after that I wasn’t able to connect any more to MSN, I tried using KOPETE, PIDGIN and FIREFOX and KONQUEROR, note that I can enter the main page where the login information form is loaded, when pressing the login button after some time I got a screen telling that the site is temporarily out of service or busy, on kopete I just got a message telling that cannot connect to the server, I already removed ndiswrapper but the problem still the same, I also loaded on resolv.conf the google DNS addresses ( and, what could be the problem?

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Rodrigo Saucedo

Are you able to browse other sites? For example Google

yes, I can browse and login on any other sites, google, yahoo, this site, the only problem is with microsoft network services. I have different MSN addresses and I can login on all of them using a different computer attached to the same network (a laptop using opensuse 11.2 and VISTA)

It could be that their server may be facing with some issues. Anyway, try after clearing the cache.

I don’t think is a problem on their server since almost immediately I can connect using another computer to connect to MSN, how do I clean the cache?

Depending on the browser you use, you need to go to appropriate options in the menu to do it. Fox example, in the case of Konqueror, go to Settings -> Configure Konqueror -> Web Browsing -> Cache.
The first page of the MSN may be coming from the cache.
Micro$oft web site often offer different content when connected from browsers other than IE, especially, from OSes other than Windoze.