Can't connect to any network cable/wireless


I’m new to linux/openSUSE, and i recently installed it on my laptop.
The other day i was tired of the short battery time, so i googled around and found powertop, ran it and did what it suggested i should do, which might have been a stupid idea without know what i was doing.
Anyhow now when my laptop has finished booting it takes about 10 min before the network icon appears in in the panel.

i’m running openSUSE 11.4

I think mate that you will have to give more info about what you actually did, just saying that you ran powertop and did as it suggested doesn’t really give any info at all on what you changed that might be causing this problem

There could be countless things that might’ve caused it and if you didn’t pay much attention to/make note of what you changed it might be a whole lot harder for anyone to help diagnose given that it sounds like you probably need to undo some change(s) or other that you made

i’ve managed to fix my internet connection by changing the Network Setup Method in YaST > Network Settings to “Traditional Method with ifup” and then push ok, and the change it back again, this makes the “NetworkManager” icon come back on the task bar, and it will connect automatically.

Is it possible to avoid doing this every time i start up?
I really don’t know what i did with powertop, just ran it in the terminal and did what it suggested. Was tired of searching for a way to save some power so i just pushed the buttons.

This helped me set up my system to use a wireless card.