Can't connect to a hidden SSID

Have installed 11.0 from DVD onto a Dell Precision with 100% Windows XP. Said yes to all questions and chose only the defaults. No problems.

Can still connect from Windows to a 802.11n router with a hidden SSID via a Jensen AL85300 (USB netstick), but can’t find a Linux driver for the (otherwise highly recommended) Jensen, so had to use the six times slower inbuilt Intel 3945 ABG.

Changed my router from ‘N-only’ to ‘G & N mixed’ and fired up Suse. I could then see all my neighbours networks but not my own! Even setting up a manual connection didn’t help.

Back to the router setup and ‘unhide’ the SSID … now I see it, now I can connect!

Finally my question: how does one connect to a wireless network with a hidden SSID? (hopefully via NetworkManager, if not, then with what?)

Long ago, I had to add something like “ap_scan=2” somewhere in wpa_supplicant.conf to connect to a WPA protected network with hidden SSID. But I don’t remember exactly…

The info you require is contained in the stickies,please read them.Lots of very good info there


So that’s why there are two stickies …


worked first time!

Thanks for all help