Can't connect at MSN =S


I’ve been trying openSuse for 2 weeks and I decided to fully switch to it. So far, so good. But ever since I FIRST installed it, I can’t connect to my MSN Messenger account from any IM Client! I’ve tried both pidgin and kopete, they both fail ALWAYS. I could connect only once, using kopete, but it was only ONCE and then it went dark again.

Skype works fine, everything works fine, besides this =X

Any ideas?


Do you get a specific error message?

I never had any issues with Pidgin, Kopete works for me as well but in Kopete I manually have to set my status to online after starting it. I haven’t looked into that but it isn’t a real problem for me.


It is working now O___________________o

I hope it stays that way.


Is it possible to use the nicknames I set to my contacts at MSN inside the kopete?

I have an error very similar, I posted to pidgin #11259 (Pidgin crash after change status) – Pidgin – Trac]( and they said to me the error is possible to be the MSN account.
I need to install the debug symbols for pidgin package.

Do you know how can accomplish this requirement?

Yast doesn’t have the package, I searched in webpin to. no results.

Somebody can help me.