Can't configure taskbars for multiple desktops? KDE 4.3.5 Release 0


I am hoping I have a simple one to solve here! I’ve been looking around online, trying to find out how to configure multiple desktops to have their own taskbar.

Most of my results suggest that I should be able to click on the menu, choose favorites, and go to Configure Desktop. In the new window, I should see a taskbar section on the left hand side?

I am running OpenSUSE 11.2 on two machines and neither of them have this option. I just wanted to see if somebody knows where I can find the window to configure separate taskbars for each desktop?

My KDE version is 4.3.5 “Release 0”.

Thanks in advance!

Well I finally found the solution, I just happened to type in the magic term in Google that helped me find it.

For anyone who was having this problem, here is a link to another thread with the solution:

KDE: How to separate status bar icons from different desktop - openSUSE Forums