Can't change the Application name for a link on desktop

I created a link (icon) on desktop for “File Manager - Super User Mode”, which is in fact Dolphin with superuser rights. This name is too long and when I click the icon, the text overfills in the password area.
I wanted to change it to something shorter, so I used the Dolphin Application in SuperUser mode. I am able to go to the properties for the icon and then I go to Application -> Name, but after I change the name in there, I discover the name does not get changed (and no error appears during the name change).
Can somebody provide a step by step process of how to change the name?


Just some extra information. I use KDE desktop. The icon is placed on a Desktop Folder.
I was able to accomplish what I wanted by deleting the icon, renaming the application under Start -> System and then creating a new icon (drag the icon onto my desktop folder and select Link Here)