Can't change profile email address for foums

The forums has an old e-mail address for me which is no longer in use. So I go to My Profile and try to change the e-mail address there. The page which asks for my change reasonably asks for my current login password in order to allow me to change my e-mail address. I type it in and then I type in my new e-mail address twice before submitting my changes. What then happens is that I am told that my login password is invalid ! But it is exactly the same password I use to login each time to these forums. There must be something wrong with the programming for this page for changing my e-mail address, yet it is important for me to change my e-mail address to a valid one. Help !


If you want to change anything but the login ID on your account, go to the login page (by clicking on the LOGIN link here on the forums or on any openSUSE page) and select the LOGIN ASSISTANCE option. Once on the resultant page, in the left menu select the FORGOT option and manage your account. However, be aware that you will have to use the CONTACT US link to have staff synchronize an email or user ID change with the forum software as, for security reasons, the Login system doen’t pass sensitive data back and forth to the Forum software. Passwords are not stored in the forum software so you don’t have to syncrhonize them.

The “Edit Account” page is broke as it does not allow scrollbars and there is no way to go to the end of the page and submit changes.

There is a link at the bottom of everry forums page, inclusing this one: contact us.
Please use it.

I have done that and hopefully someone can straighten this out.