Can't change my account settings

I have twice tried to change my account settings at and nothing has changed. Is there a problem I am not aware of? I need to change my E-mail so I can report a bug. It validates the data.

It seems I’m in a Catch-22 situation. The E-mail server of record closed long ago and I need to change it, but confirmation messages are going to that non-existent address. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

At the bottom left of this page, hit the ‘Contact Us’ link to get it sorted.

It’s detailed in our FAQ…

Can I change my user ID or email address?

The openSUSE Forums doesn’t use vBulletin’s built in authentication mechanism, but uses SUSE Login. For security reasons SUSE Login doesn’t pass a user’s password to vBulletin. It does pass a user ID and email address which is stored in your vBulletin profile and used to verify your identity when you login to the forums. This is only stored once when the vBulletin account is created and because it’s the verification method, it can’t be automatically updated by SUSE Login. Also, the forum software as configured doesn’t support a dash “-” in a user ID even though you can register one on the SUSE or openSUSE site. If, for some reason, you want to change your ID or email address, or are having any problem with your account, you need to contact us (use the CONTACT US link in the footer) so we can get your vBulletin (Forum) account synchronized with SUSE Login.


If you find yourself with an ID that you don’t want, the easiest thing for you to do is to create a new profile and login under that new ID. If you would like, you can let us know what the new ID is, and we can either merge the two IDs OR change the ID on the old account if you haven’t logged in with the new account yet.

If you want your ID changed so you can keep the same email address (each ID requires a unique & valid email address), you should use the CONTACT US link at the bottom of any forum page and give details about why you want it changed and what you want it changed to. We can then change the user ID in the Novell Login for you and either rename your old forum account or merge it into the new one.


For changing password, see above. For changing email address, use the CONTACT US link on the bottom of this or any page. For security reasons, the Login system doesn’t pass sensitive data back and forth to the Forum software. Passwords are not stored in the forum software so you don’t have to synchronize them.


If you try to login to the forums and you get an “email address already exists” error, that means that the user ID you are using in Novell Login doesn’t match the one existing on the forums (Two different user IDs with the same email address). This can happen if you modify your user ID on either system. Use the CONTACT US link at the bottom of any forum page and we’ll get it fixed for you.