Can't change icon sizes on 12.3 desktop

I just recreated my 12.2 install on a different partition using 12.3. My identical desktop on 12.3 has icons with 4 different sizes. I’ve found no way to correct this and have a reasonable looking desktop with icons all the same size. I’ve found no way (that works!) to alter the size of a icon on the desktop, or at least change them all to the same size. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Which desktop environment are you referring to?

I’m using KDE and the Oxygen theme. Would I be better off downloading a different theme?

Might try switching to see if it helps. openSUSE also ships with AIR so you don’t need to download anything just try switching as a test. Or set it up in a different user account.

But AIR is a plasma theme, no icon theme… :wink:
And neither the plasma theme nor the icon theme should affect the size of desktop icons.

what kind of icons are you actually talking about?
Could you post a screen shot to clarify?

You should be able to change the size of plasmoids by hovering over them and click-drag the “resize” button on the handle that appears (you might have to unlock widgets first).

The icon size in a folderview widget can be changed in its settings:
To get to the settings, right-click on an empty space and choose “Settings”, or click on the wrench symbol in that handle bar that appears when you hover the mouse over it.

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Thanks for the help gogalthrop, Clicking on the “resize” button worked, but it only allowed me to make icons larger, not smaller — but I now have an acceptable desktop but with icons a little larger than i would prefer. I am unable to get the second option for re-sizing you described. Clicking on Configure Desktop, then Application appearance, and then Icons brings up a different screen than the one you show. It only has options for “theme” and “advanced”. Advanced has a option for changing the icon size which doesn’t seem to work and then in “theme” are the options for Gnome, Open SuSE xfce and Oxygen (which I am using). Thanks again for the help, I would like to make the entire set of icons a bit smaller but I can live with the larger ones I have now.

No, that’s not in “Configure Desktop”. You get it when you right-click on the desktop/the folderview widget and selecting “Folderview Settings”.

It only has options for “theme” and “advanced”. Advanced has a option for changing the icon size which doesn’t seem to work

The “Desktop” icon size you can set in there should be used as the default when you add new icons to the desktop. So you could try setting it smaller and then remove the icons and re-add them.

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Note also that screen resolution can effect sizes. But that depends on monitor and graphic card settings.