Cant Browse CD's

Well, my problem is, that when i try to browse the contents of a CD through either Konqueror or Dolphin, I just cant open the CD. What i have to do is open the CD through Superuser Dolphin, and then i can navigate to the cd using regular konqueror or dolphin.

Another issue, i cant eject the CD’s from the drive by clicking the eject button physicaly, i must click on eject ocated on sysinfo.


Have you added your users to the cdrom group?

In dolphin type:


In KDE4 you should have a icon that looks like a terminal with a half disk over it. When you insert a CD?DVD you should get a notification over it. This will list all the dynamically mounted devices current. Each device listed will have something like “2 actions” on the left under the name. select this and you will get a list of possible actions select what you want there. To unmount select on the right side of the button. Note to succeed in unmounting all programs accessing it including browsers must be closed.

you’re probably affected by this bloody bug. take a look at the post here, and please add your comment in the bug report

as a workaround, install Nautilus (unfortunately, you’ll have to install a great deal of Gnome) and when you want to browse the CD, open Nautilus from Konsole. in Nautilus everything should be ok.

I was able to open CD’s from regular Konqueror on 11.1 without touching any options on YAST.

Forgot to say, im running KDE 4.3.4