Cant boot with GUI in opensuse 11.1

GUI is missing when I boot opensuse 11.1 on my pc, and I am directed to command prompt.

I remember I quit a system update in between,as it was hanging my computer, and since then, after the next boot, gui cant load.

I explored the forum on similar issues and used following commands but failed to get gud results.

–>On using ‘startx’ : I got following msg

Addscreen/screeninit failed for driver 0

giving up
xinit : connection refused (error 111)

unable to connect to xserver
xinit : No such process : server error

–>On using ‘yast’: I got a blue screen with options to update some modules, but opensuse couldnot establish connection with internet, although I can comfortably connect to internet in windows.

—>on using ‘zypper -ref’ and ‘zypper -up’: I got the same message of connection not established.

I dont know linux much. Please suggest some remeady. Is there any way that i could roll back to previous drivers and kernel via installation cd?
Why internet connection is not establishing?

What video card do you have?

I dont have any external video card.

Its inbuilt with name: Intel(R) 82865G Graphics controller
Approx. Total memory :64 MB

I checked that card on the Intel site. They say the drivers are auto in Linux, so it’s not a driver issue. So the interruption broke some things, GUI and network connection. Catch 22 is that you can’t continue the updates without networking.

Let’s work a bit longer on GUI. Try various versions of sax2, all run as root user.
Try this command first:


What happens?

If it doesn’t work, try escalating to these until one works:

  • sax2 -m 0=vesa
  • sax2 -a
  • sax2 -r

Any luck?

M sorry, I forgot to tell you an important message that system flashes when it takes me to command mode.

It says

FATAL: module ip-tables not found.
iptables v1.4.2-rc1: can’t initialize iptable ‘filter’: iptables who (do you need insmod?)

perhaps iptables on your kernel needs to be upgraded

I hope this info may be useful.

I used the above mentioned commands.

Just sax2 -a returned that: “Automatic configuration is done”

rest commands gave: “could not start configuration server”

Hey swerdna, plz reply.I cant tolrate windows on my computer and opensuse in not working as it should. Please help me on this iptables issue.

Install in text mode then manually configure xorg.conf to use the intel driver and add

Option "DRI" "false"

to the intel Driver section, do not use sax as that tries to autoconfigure and will likely crash your system. Recent modifications to the intel driver and xorg have been causing problems for the last year with older intel graphics chipsets. If you want better graphics, I recommend using an older distribution that does not use the newer driver and xorg.

I’ve been using elive based on debian lenny and that works on my x30 with i830 graphics.

I think these errors after cutting into an online update have broken the installation.

I see two options now that the GUI won’t return: either reinstall openSUSE or re-do the online update using the curses version on Yast. You can get a command line. Do that as root / switch to root. Then run this command: you
That should take you to the Yast Online Update. Does it? Can you proceed?

I could not connect to internet. I got the yast screen but any attempt to update anything was failed. I had to reinstall opensuse. Now everything is working fine.


Don’t you have the installation CD/DVD? Maybe you can use it to repair Opensuse, or just reinstall; it’ll save you a lot of time and trouble.

Even if you don’t want to reinstall, you can use the DVD as your source with Zypper from the command line.

Good luck,

Sorry, didn’t see you already have reinstalled.