Can't boot Leap 42.2

Hi, I’m trying to make a fresh install of Leap 42.2.
I did the install media check, it was OK.

While installing packages near the end it pops a window(YAST2) saying:
“Installation of some packages failed” with a list, a big list( 174, I think)
But it finishes the installation.

When rebooting grub2 is installed everything looks fine, but it does not boot, well not until this( in init 1 mode):

ata5: Sata Link down (SStatus 0 Scontrol 310)

Leap 41.1 could install on the same machine


HP Pavilion a1677c
AMD Athlon 64 Dual core 4600+

If you had errors at install things are broken. Maybe a bad disk?? Try a USB install less change of the media failing

Usb install is not available in my bios. I will burn a new one to see…


Check the checksum of the ISO and run media check from the installer

Success! The disk was defective.

Strangely, I did the installer media check on the bad disk and it was OK( No errors found), I guess this test is not 100% accurate…


CD/DVD media is very fickle it can go bad from one run to the next Always burn at the slowest speed you can and use good media