Can't boot into XWindows with Wireless Mouse

Hi guys

I have a problem I’ve got Asus Laptop and a wireless mouse plugged in. The screen always stucks on line

Initialized 28/30 Regions 24/24 Fields 27/28 Buffers 32/35 Packages (1113 nodes)
Initializing Device/Processor/Thermal objects by executing _INI methods:.......

As soon as I unplug the wireless mouse from the usb the system boots perfectly and in XWindows is then no problem to plug the mouse back, but it´s annoying to do it still like that. Any ideas where the problem is?


Is this an older laptop? Because I had similar symptoms once on an older desktop that couldn’t share IRQ’s. The video card would always conflict with anything you put into the PCI slots. A real mess of a mobo. Anyway: can you set “Disable USB IRQ” (or “Disable USB in DOS” or any similar option) in BIOS?

Thanks for your response, but I´ve got just “Lock USB” option and as soon as I lock it, I can´t then obviously use my usb ports. The laptop is A6km so not that old.

Sorry I can’t be of any help; there’s probably a kernel option that may suit you, but I’m not familiar with kernel options at all.:frowning:
Let’s just hope somebody savvy chimes in…