Can't boot into console / init 3

(suse 11.0, kde 3.5.x, ATI x2300, asus laptop)

I use default kernel, (not pae), default by installation, updated once through YOU. Also, using fglrx driver.
But, since day 1, with default open driver, and later with updated kernel, ati newest driver, no matter if it is PAE or default kernel, I just can’t boot with init 3. Screen just gets black.

Also, on login screen, if I try to login into console, it just reloads login screen.
In session, ALT+CTRL+F2-6 produces black screen, but at that point, returning to …F1 doesnt work anymore and I must halt the machine.

I am tired of this and now I wish this resolved. However, I did not find anything of the issue.

Anyone knows something about it?


If you’re trying to boot to the console and not x, you can change the default runlevel in ‘/etc/inittab’. Granted, if you can’t even get where you can do anything you might want to run a live cd or the rescue cd and access the console from there.

Hope this helps.

No, I can’t run runlevel 3 at all.
It is fine for rescue from CD, but I do not know what to rescue. I want to fix this, if possible.

Sometimes, runlevel 3 passes from failsafe option.