Can't boot from Live CD

OpenSuse 11.0 64-bit KDE won’t boot my PC from the CD-ROM. I have had no problem testing Mandriva/Fedora/Kubuntu/Ubuntu but OpenSuse stalls at the green screen with the progress bar just after the Linux Kernel loads. Currently my computer boots PCLinuxOS from one drive or Windoze XP from another using Grub (both are SATA drives) there is a third IDE drive for storage. PC has one gig of ram.

I had the same problem with the RC, but was able to run the 32-bit version in VirtualBox.

Any clues on what to try?


Hi Max, I have no solution yet but a hint. I have got the same problem (with LiveCD and with CD for network installation also). When I switch to textmode I get a message that there is a crc error while unpacking initramfs.

Perhaps this helps someone to identify the problem.

Fixed my own problem. Something must have been wrong with the CDs I burned using K3B. I took the ISO to work and burned it using utility from ZD net on my Windoze PC and OpenSUSE now runs fine (boots fast from the CD, too).